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A Modern-Day Cinderella Story

Athena has been speaking to groups, large and small, for over 30 years. Her passion is to see believers come to a place of understanding the undeniable faithfulness of God, no matter how difficult our circumstances might be. Her background of coming out of the deception involved in a spiritually abusive church environment, combined with her years of ministry to wives of Vietnam veterans and other trauma survivors who’ve suffered with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, gives Athena a unique perspective.

Her own struggles and quest to heal in an authentic way has equipped her with an enormous capacity for compassion and empathy, along with scriptural answers to the struggles we face when we’ve been hurt by others. 

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Athena’s presentations are transparent, heartfelt and personal. She has the ability to translate the essence of what God has walked her through into valuable and inspirational take-aways for her audience. Engaging, entertaining, yet centered on the truth of God’s Word. Highly recommended.

Inger Logelin, Editor, Blogger, Retired Missionary

Sample Topics:

Where’s the Easy Button? Finding Joy Amid Trials
Have you ever wondered why life must be so hard, why becoming a believer didn’t make everything perfect, or why the struggles of life cause you to question God’s goodness? Join blogger, radio show host, and cult survivor Athena Dean Holtz as she helps you unpack the faithfulness of God amid suffering and offers seven strategies to help you experience joy even when things don’t turn out the way you think they should.

Be Still and Know Your God is Faithful
This world we live in demands that we be “on” all the time. In person, on Facebook, at work, with the family, at church. Sometimes the whirlwind leaves us feeling empty, alone and disconnected. That’s when it’s time to learn to be still. To be refreshed. To remember the faithfulness of God. Discover the truth of His faithfulness and walk away with helpful tools to abide in Him.

Responding Well to the Speed Bumps of Life
Speed bumps may come in the shape of a layoff, the end of a relationship, the death of a loved one, struggles with adult children and their poor decisions. Or it may be loneliness, despair, or disappointments with how life has turned out. How can we respond well to these challenges and grow better instead of bitter? We’ll learn how together.

Trusting God When Life Hurts
How can we say God is good when He allows so much pain to enter our lives? Can we actually trust Him when we’ve been abused, sinned against, or challenged with difficulties as a result of someone else’s bad choices? What should our perspective be? We’ll look at biblical and current day examples of how Jesus walks with us through our suffering, and discover practical ways to navigate the pain and disappointment we experience, and grow in faith as result.

Overcoming Church Hurt
Have you ever felt like the church hurt of the past won’t stop haunting you, but you don’t know what to do about it? The emotional fallout from unresolved wounding is a reality, but there’s also a spiritual dynamic to it that must be addressed. Learn the why’s and how’s of the natural responses to painful events of our past and learn to grow in healing, grace, compassion and faith as a result.

Leaders Need Healing Too
Have you spent years in leadership helping women heal, yet leaving your own past wounds unattended to? It’s always easier to address someone else’s pain that to embrace our own and allow Jesus to walk us through the healing we so desperately need. If we truly want to be able to comfort others with the comfort He himself has given us, we need to recognize our own areas of long forgotten or ignored pain and allow Him to bring us through the steps we need to take in order to heal.

Overcoming Spiritual Abuse and Toxic Leadership
Learn to spot the characteristics of toxic leadership as well as the subtlest forms of spiritual abuse and manipulation. Discover the 5 steps to freedom from the devastating fallout of spiritual abuse. Whether you’re a survivor or someone who ministers to those who’ve been taken advantage of, the 5 steps are vital to your ability to grow in Christ or help someone else do the same.

Biblical Warfare for Women
Warfare doesn’t seem to be a feminine topic, but if we don’t understand our responsibility to fight for the things we love, the enemy can gain the upper hand in our life without us even realizing there’s something we can do about it. Gain understanding on the strategies of the evil one and then learn biblical insights to fight against the unholy influences on the lives of our loved ones.

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Get information on potential topics and dates for your next event.