It was a whirlwind two days last week. I was preparing to spend Saturday, Sunday and Monday on the boat with my son, daughter in law, and three granddaughters … we’d had it planned for months and were so excited to make some fun memories on the boat.

Then on Thursday the call comes in. The collaborator on a new book by Mark Hall of Casting Crowns has been referred to Redemption Press to potentially help them get into print and ready for the start of their new tour, with the first concert slated for September 22.

We spent lots of time on the phone determining the final product, gathering pricing, nailing down a highly accelerated turnaround time, sending samples, providing ROI (return on investment) worksheets, and answering a plethora of questions.

The plan was for the decision to be made on Friday, and I had designers, editors, printer, and the entire Redemption Press team standing by to be ready to jump into action. It would be the only way to make it happen, since the type of printing required for this type of project required a 5-week turnaround, and we only had 6 weeks until the launch concert. This would require the utmost in responsiveness, expediting every aspect of the publishing process. But we were ready to take on the challenge.

As this opportunity unfolded, I notified some friends about the open door and asked them to pray for God’s will to be done. While I really wanted Redemption Press to get the thumbs up, I also knew we were competing with a long-time friend with some publishing experience who’d offered to help them with this title.

When I finally got the call on Friday afternoon, I couldn’t help but be a little disappointed that the contract was awarded to their friend, but I was encouraged to hear how they had spent a week doing their due diligence, talking to Westbow and many of our other competitors. When it came down to it, Redemption Press, he said, was clearly the best option out there for anyone wanting to publish independently but still have a professional team and an infrastructure in place to provide high quality product and service.

WOW. That really encouraged me. What an honor it was to be in the running, and come in as the first runner up for a project as important to the kingdom of God as “The Very Next Thing” by Mark Hall. A six-week bible study based on their new album that will disciple the reader to grow in Christ by doing the very next thing He shows you to do.

As I drove down to meet Ross at the boat on Friday night after receiving the news, I just couldn’t help but hear the Casting Crowns version of “You’re a good, good Father” welling up within me.

Really, what would have happened to our family outing on the boat had we gotten the thumbs up? No way could I have kept my mind on my granddaughters … I most surely would have had my wheels turning and been focused on all the details that needed to be accomplished over the weekend. There’s a ton of work that goes into a process that normally takes two to three months to prepare to send to the printer, and I would have needed to make sure printer ready files would be ready within the next 5 business days. Do-able, but highly stressful, requiring all my attention and focus!

So, yes, He is a good, good Father, always faithful to do what is best for His children, and I could not agree more that this was His perfect will for me and my family. After all, I lost so much time over all those years of being estranged from my loved ones, rebuilding those relationships trumps success in business and ministry. It just does.

And you know what? These last 3 days on the water with my family was glorious. We had fun, made memories, got more sun than we were supposed to, and not near as much rain as the forecast predicted. Caught crab, (cleaned it, cooked it and ate it), motored across Commencement Bay, rode in the dinghy, watched my son video 4 takes of 22+ push-ups to increase awareness of the 22 veterans who take their own lives each day in this country, stayed up late talking, played Farkel, and barbecued steak, lobster and artichokes for our one fancy meal of the trip. There’s way more, but those are just some of the highlights … I wouldn’t have traded it, so I’m grateful He worked everything for good this weekend. And that’s the God I know … a good, good Father …  It was a treasure of a weekend with family, and a reminder of what is important to Him.

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