Thinking about it, that’s pretty much the story of my life, but these last few days just punctuated the beauty of God taking over and doing His thing.

We’d been planning this very special adventure with my three grandchildren from California for quite some time. It was a pretty big deal to me, since my time with Garrett, my firstborn, his lovely wife Tara, and Judah, Gabriel and Scarlett has come in small bits and pieces over the last three and a half years. They were up in Washington for a wedding and we planned to take 2 or 3 days and take the whole family out on the boat.

Ever since we’ve been married, there have been issues with the boat, one thing after another. Of course, this boat is 30 years old, and while it holds many memories for the Holtz family, and the curtains continue to bear my name as did the boat when first launched, there have been more than one occasion when Ross wondered if it was really worth all the trouble. There have been issues with the batteries, the starter, the battery cables, and the charger. The last round of fixes was somewhat like Murphy’s Law. If it could go wrong it did. From broken bolts to water leaks, the problems just never seemed to end. As the clock ticked down, the pressure was on to make sure it was running by June 20 so we could be stress free for our trip over to Gig Harbor and then Blake Island.

Finally the day arrived. All the work to get the engine running and water leaks stopped seemed to have been successful. I stocked up on games to play, matching sweatshirts for everyone, and we were on our way down to the boat, and had about 4 hours until everyone would arrive. We stopped at Winco and bought food for 3 dinners, lunches, breakfasts, and snacks. The plan to have my youngest son, the grandkid’s Uncle Aaron, and his girl Erica meet up with us for a meal had shifted from Wednesday lunch to Sunday dinner, so we were in high gear to get the boat ready for dinner for 9 and an evening cruise.

We arrived and began to unload the groceries. Everyone would arrive in about 90 minutes. Some of the overhead lights weren’t working, which was a little strange. Then I found that the electric toilet wouldn’t flush.

Uh oh.

Ross brought out the volt meter and started checking to see why power was not being generated.

It was not looking good.

“We can’t go anywhere if we don’t have a functional head (marine term for bathroom).”

I start to feel light headed, dizzy. Everyone is on their way and now we hadf new issues that could bring the entire plan to a screeching halt. I prayed under by breath, begging the Lord to take the enemy’s plan to destroy this family outing and render it ineffective in Jesus’ Name.

Still nothing changed. Lights don’t work. Head won’t flush.

I couldn’t hold it in any longer. As Ross continued to struggle with fixing our problem, I went out into the cockpit and burst into tears. The thought of all of my hopes and dreams for this time with the grandkids began to dissolve before my very eyes. I poured out my frustration to the Lord…

“I thought You cared about the small things, the details… Lord how could You let this happen? My heart is broken…”

Right about that time, I heard something that sounded like the head flushing. Ross couldn’t explain why it began to work… he’d been poking around fuses and such to no avail, but now all of a sudden it began to work, and all I could do was thank Him with a heart overflowing with gratefulness.

That first evening on the boat was a special time for everyone. As we took the boat out into Commencement Bay the sun was setting, the mountain was out, there were sea lions hanging out on logs, there was a slight breeze, and it was glorious. Judah got to steer the boat, and everyone was enamored with the Lord’s handiwork in the beauty that surrounded us.

It wasn’t long before the gauge showed that the engine was overheating, so we didn’t spend a lot of time out in the bay. We hoped it was just a bad gauge and headed back to the slip to make dinner.

We barbequed up the steaks, cooked up the corn on the cob and baked potatoes, and enjoyed the food together. There was lots of laughter and fun. Praises filled my heart for the faithfulness of God and the way He orchestrated everything for this special evening.

I wasn’t really ready for what would happen the next morning, but God was.

I’ll write more about that on Thursday. And continue to marvel at the way He works.

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