What does The Bible truly say?

On today’s episode, we welcome Denise Wilson:

Denise lovingly points us back to scripture. She has always fought for others to be truly saved and for people to come to Christ. As a young girl, she would pray that the devil would become a Christian! Her book is not only a wake-up call but a reminder of what God truly says. Do you have true faith? Are you actually saved? Examine yourself to see if you are really living by faith!

Key Ideas:

  • The importance of examing your faith.
  • What it means to obey God’s commands.
  • Reading the bible for true meaning. 

Denise Wilson Quotes

“When we get to know God we realize that He is sovereign, that He has a plan and that He never fails.”

All Things Podcast, What does The Bible truly say?

Athena Dean Holtz Quotes

“A literal wake-up call for all of us who are serious about our faith and want to make sure we are not deceiving ourselves.”

All Things Podcast, What does The Bible truly say?

Check out her works:


Are you truly saved? What is redemption? What does it mean to be a Christian? What does The Bible say?

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