Ross and I been navigating a family storm over the last month or so. We have struggled through trusting God as our emotions are blown all over the map. It’s difficult when you have to take a “tough love” stance with an adult child, but sometimes it’s the only way forward. So when Ross decided to preach a few weeks ago as we were smack dab in the middle of the storm, I was comforted by the words Our Father gave him to share with the local body of Christ known as The Summit. As he began to describe the types of storms we have in our lives, they pretty much came down to two types…those we cause by our own folly or sin, and those that come through no fault of our own. The more I pondered this truth, I saw the parallel between a storm and another person’s ungodly response or bad behavior in general. We can’t change them, but we can change how we respond to them. Same goes with storms… we can’t stop them from coming, but we can do something about our reaction. Scripture never says He won’t give us more than we can handle, but it does say that no temptation will come that He will not offer a way of escape for. So what’s the temptation that comes with a storm?

  • To panic and lose faith in God’s solution
  • To attempt to fix the problem without seeking God’s help
  • To try to weather the storm in our own strength

I definitely see myself in number 2. I will try to fix it rather than going to the Only One who can do any good at all. When he got to his next point, that’s when I my head started spinning.

“I must admit, when I’m in the middle of a storm, just like we are now, all I want to do is have Him take it away. End the storm. Calm the waves. That’s what I cry out for, but that’s not always for my benefit.”

I started thinking of the storms in my life over the last 3 ½ years of healing…

  • Emotional devastation and the downpours in my mind of doubt, condemnation, and fear
  • Relational healing with my adult children after the cult destroyed our family
  • Singleness laced with a heavy dose of discontent and impatience
  • Online character assassination by the cult that some people actually believed
  • Challenges associated with rebuilding my professional life after losing everything to the cult
  • Fear of the future, not knowing what God would do to rebuild my life and what it would look like

And yes, with hand raised, I say AMEN, that was me. Begging God to calm the waves, end the storm, and get it over with NOW. But He took His sweet time. And that’s exactly what it was. And through each one of those storms, He taught me to trust Him. He taught me that He is faithful. I learned lessons in each one of those areas that refined me and conformed me a little bit more to the image of Christ. So now, I’m thankful for those storms. He walked with me through each one, and taught me things I never would have learned otherwise. So what about you? How do you respond to storms? What’s your typical  knee jerk reaction? What has He taught you in your storms?


  • Athens, Virginia Craig is my dearest bestest friend and I saw this on her post. I had to read it. She thinks highly of you and had shared a bit about the situation with your family and the cult. I am praying for 4 of our 5 kids which have disowned us. One daughter influenced by what we believe is a cult in Puyallup. She has pulled her other siblings to go her way. Each one has walked away from the Lord. They have told us that God told them to disown us. As we know He would never go against His Word and tell someone that, but they have bought into that. I am in the storm of my life, but just today I said to a mother of one of my students, it’s time for me to TRUST. Which I am doing, and waiting for total reconciliation. Back to God for them and truth,and then to us. We love our prodigals and know that God is still on the throne. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you so much for commenting and sharing about your storm. I will be praying that satan overplays his hand, which he always does sooner or later. But when he does, that all your kids eyes are opened and they realize they’ve believed a lie.

      Lynette, can you share the name of the cult? The more the light is shown on these groups, the sooner they will scatter… just like cockroaches.

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