If I Told You My Story

November 3, 2015By AthenaAthena Dean Holtz, Real Talk 11 Comments

Have you ever heard a song that just wouldn’t go away? The lyrics seep into your soul and evoke an emotion that is hard to shake… the melody rings in your heart as your mind begins to stir and sleep runs away and hides in the early morning hours. That’s what’s been happening with me … Read More

Story Rope Reminders

October 8, 2015By AthenaAthena Dean Holtz, Real Talk No Comments

This weekend the ladies of The Summit EFC will experience a creative, artful craft called a “story rope” where they will use strips of fabric to design a visually compelling timeline of their lives. Dark strips for hard times, traumas, losses, struggles. Bright, cheerful fabric for times of joy and celebration. White, silver and gold … Read More

The Story of the Yellow Corvette Pickup

August 27, 2015By AthenaAthena Dean Holtz 2 Comments

This weekend our church holds its Annual Summit Connection Day. The highlight of the day is the car show where loads of local hotrod aficionados bring their hobbies and enjoy a day of swapping car stories and restoration tricks. Last year’s car show carries with it a new legend … the story of the Yellow … Read More