The Power of Transparency

February 23, 2016By AthenaAthena Dean Holtz, Real Talk 3 Comments

The ballroom brimmed with those whose lives had been forever changed by the ministry of Dr. Nick Eno.   The long awaited evening was finally upon us, as we celebrated the launch of his groundbreaking book,  The Orphan Syndrome: Breaking Free and Finding  Home. 100+ followers of Jesus were ready to be mobilized into a … Read More

God’s Ways are Beyond Me

October 1, 2015By AthenaAthena Dean Holtz, Real Talk 2 Comments

Yesterday marked the two year anniversary of Ross’s late wife, Cathy, running into the arms of Jesus. It took half the day and a few posts about her by others before I connected the dots and realized the significance of the day. I still struggle to understand God’s ways in all of it. In order … Read More

The Story of the Yellow Corvette Pickup

August 27, 2015By AthenaAthena Dean Holtz 2 Comments

This weekend our church holds its Annual Summit Connection Day. The highlight of the day is the car show where loads of local hotrod aficionados bring their hobbies and enjoy a day of swapping car stories and restoration tricks. Last year’s car show carries with it a new legend … the story of the Yellow … Read More

Thankful for the Storms

August 11, 2015By AthenaAthena Dean Holtz, Real Talk 3 Comments

Ross and I been navigating a family storm over the last month or so. We have struggled through trusting God as our emotions are blown all over the map. It’s difficult when you have to take a “tough love” stance with an adult child, but sometimes it’s the only way forward. So when Ross decided … Read More