Learning to Let Go

March 1, 2016By AthenaAthena Dean Holtz, Real Talk 1 Comment

Christian writer’s conferences are one of my favorite time consumers. Even though most of my energy is spent teaching or meeting with authors to discuss potential publishing projects or the marketing of an existing book, I always attend the key note sessions and seem to find a sliver of time to sit in a class … Read More

Ever Be

January 19, 2016By AthenaAthena Dean Holtz No Comments

After spending a whirlwind 4 days with my daughter and her family in Huntsville, Alabama, I am still basking in the gift He gave me of time with these precious ones. It is Roby’s birthday today, so she asked me to come early and attend a Leadership conference at her church with her and Jeff. … Read More

Are You Missing Something?

October 6, 2015By AthenaAthena Dean Holtz, Real Talk 5 Comments

Last night our local writers group hosted a presentation by long time industry colleague and brother in the Lord, Mick Silva. His topic was “Writing to Heal—Ourselves and Others.” As we chatted at the back of the room, attempting to play catchup on the years that had past since we last saw one another, he … Read More

A Right Perspective

September 22, 2015By AthenaAthena Dean Holtz, Real Talk 5 Comments

As I interviewed Laura Story about her book, “When God Doesn’t Fix It” I was reminded of such a powerful truth. God doesn’t always change the circumstances, but He does change us. Examples in the Bible like Job and Esther and others who experienced victory and redemption and a “happy ending” are not the only … Read More