Over the last week, I’ve been coming down from the crazy, busy high of three back-to-back events, from East Coast to West Coast to Midwest. It’s easy for me to get out of my routines when I travel, from daily quiet times to keeping up on emails.

I found myself this morning pouring out my heart to God, asking for the help I need to have a balanced life where I can be what He wants me to be – a good steward of my life, specifically in my:
• relationship with Him
• physical health and fitness
• marriage
• family relationships
• home
• friendships
• calling / vocation (Redemption Press)
• sabbath rest
• time
• gifts/talents
• experiences
• pain

I remember hearing Robert Benson keynote at the Florida Christian Writers Conference encouraging us to be good stewards of our pain as we fulfill the calling to write. That resonated with me, so I looked for more on the topic…

Being a good steward of your pain. . . It involves being alive to your life. It involves taking the risk of being open, of reaching out, of keeping in touch with the pain as well as the joy of what happens because at no time more than at a painful time do we live out of the depths of who we are instead of out of the shallows. Frederick Buechner

As I pondered this truth, I dug for more clarity on the word stewardship on Dictionary.com:

The responsible overseeing and protection of something considered worth caring for and preserving.

Hmmmm… I consider how He has given us the boat to facilitate sabbath rest and renewal, and suddenly, I connect the dots once again.

As we brought the boat back over from Gig Harbor on Friday morning, after a relaxing and refreshing 24 hours at Arabella’s Landing, we experienced great difficulty as the wind whipped up. Attempting to compensate for the fierce winds pushing us away from the dock, Ross circled around and tried numerous times… Yes, we experienced at least 6 failed attempts with harrowingly close calls, one too close for comfort, before we decided to try docking on the empty outside slip. Once we were able to hop off onto the dock, the two of us carefully walked the 17,000-pound vessel around the tight corner and safely into our slip. It was a miracle that the two of us were able to navigate the 32-foot sailboat successfully around the end of the dock and into its home without running it into the dock or the neighboring boat.

Persevering through the tension, the push back of the wind, the fear of harm … He led us, He guided us, and He helped us navigate safely home.

He watched over us as we stewarded this gift into safe harbor. As I recognize that, I am reminded that He is there for me in every other area of my life – right beside me, walking with me, teaching me to be attuned to areas of neglect. Prompting me to pay closer attention to other areas. To move some areas up into the most important category.

My YouVersion verse for the day is fitting:

Yes, I am the vine, you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me, you can do nothing.
John 15:5

Only by staying connected and remaining in Him will my efforts to steward those things worth caring for and preserving be successful.

Without Him I can do nothing!

With Him, I can steward all that He has entrusted into my life to the glory of His Name.

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