On Sunday our bible study group discussed the chapter in The Pursuit of God (AW Tozer) on “The Speaking Voice.” Ever since our discussion I’ve been pondering some things and beginning to connect the dots.

One of the areas I was most convicted of is being quiet with God and listening. When I was single and didn’t have anyone else’s schedule to work around, it was much easier to have a lengthy quiet time and enjoy the extra time of waiting on him after reading the Word and praying. But ever since I returned to Washington to establish Redemption Press and ended up with the man God intended for me all along and becoming a pastor’s wife as a result, carving out that time to be quiet has been a huge struggle.

It’s not that I neglect my time with Him in prayer and the Word, it’s just different. Now, when I read scripture each day and use my prayer journal to stay focused and write out my prayers, Ross and I also take time to pray together. It’s a unique time we approach His Throne together and ask for His wisdom for all our needs. But I still kept feeling a drawing to “come away with Me, My beloved”. I sensed an urgency to become more intentional about my time with God, in addition to “our” time with Him.

My first step was to create a space in the house where I could go meet with Him, door shut, no distractions. I’ve been meaning to create an office space for a while, so I did that over the weekend and am continuing to work on the room and settle in.

Then today I started using a new journal developed by a wonderful young mom we met at Write to Publish. Her name is Liz Lassa and you can check it out at While we were together in Wheaton I interviewed her for an upcoming radio show on The Power of the Prompts. Her enthusiasm for listening for God’s prompts and then following them was refreshing, and much of what she shared came out of her use of the Spiritual Circle Journal she created. Her encouragement to women is to use the tool to be able to connect with God in small chunks of the day and watch for repeated messages from God throughout your journaling … As she shared, I was definitely beginning to see Him repeating a message.

Listening to that still small voice and then obeying it is something I’ll always struggle with, being a repenting type-A personality, one who often steps out before waiting for God.  There’s always tension there, because not all good ideas are God ideas, so being still and listening for His voice is vital.

On Sunday we shared different ways God has spoken to us in the past and we marveled at how He is interested in the small details of our lives, and I must admit, being reminded of that is always such an encouragement to me. At the same time, as we prayed, it hit me that we have a responsibility as well … after all, (s)he who is faithful with little, will be given much. (Matt. 25:23)

Yep, it’s the little things.

  • His still, small voice.
  • The details.
  • The little I must be faithful with.

I have to admit it, I’m not a detail person. I’m more of a big picture person, so I’m not always that organized with the small things and that can get me into trouble. I’ve missed appointments, lost emails, and been late or unprepared more times than I’d like to admit. And I’ve been known to let things slide because I get busy with a gazillion other things on my plate.

So, I guess what I’m seeing in a new, fresh way is the small stuff really is big stuff. The still, small voice… the gentle nudges and promptings … the small things He notices and cares about and loves to bless us in … the little assignments, finances, and gifts He gives me that I must honor and handle with care.

Yep. Little stuff is big stuff in His Kingdom.

And I want to be faithful.

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