1 IN 6 MEN


I’d quoted them so many times before.

I also knew how many still don’t talk about childhood sexual abuse.

Especially men.

Admitting you’ve been a victim comes much harder for the male gender than it does us women.

It shows weakness, lacks machismo, not true at all, but that’s the fear anyway.

But what about the fact that most men who sexually abuse others have themselves been victims? That sets up a false concept that all men who’ve been sexually abused will repeat that sin against others…

But that’s not true.

Most men have been so traumatized by the sin committed against them that they will do anything and everything to keep it from happening to anyone, especially their own children.

So if they say 1 in 6 men are victims of CSA (childhood sexual abuse), and understanding how difficult it is to admit as a man, I’d bet anything that the numbers for men are very close to the numbers for women.

And that means it’s epidemic.

And the church really ought to be a safe place for adult victims to find healing.

This weekend I had the privilege of presenting “How PTSD Affects us Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually” at the Speak Life Conference: Men & Women of Faith Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse facilitated by Thomas Edward of Healing Broken Men.

Because of my topic, I heard about the most common way of bringing the spiritual dynamic into this difficult issue … how people in church tell survivors

Just pray more…

Read your Bible more…

You’re a new creation, so “forgetting what is behind, press on!”

What they don’t realize is they are shaming them into silence.

Into isolation.

Because so many people feel awkward with other’s trauma, the message is,

Go get your life together in isolation and then come to church!

When the church should be the place where that healing occurs.

And it’s not always pretty.

In fact it’s downright messy.

But remember, Jesus came for the sick, not those who are well.



I know this is a difficult subject, but it must be addressed.

It may not be your issue, but with the stats as they are, it’s an issue with those you know and love… and you likely don’t even know it.

Come with me for the next few posts as we journey through this topic and find some answers for those who are suffering in silence.


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