I have to ask myself, am I doing what I can to stop the abuse going forward?

Some of you reading this may not know that part of the bigger story of my detour into deception  was the associate “pastor” whom we found out about 5 months after I walked away had been sexually abusing some of the young girls in the cult. I felt so stupid for believing all their talk of “purity” and all the scriptures they spouted about denying self when all along this pedophile Malcolm Fraser was feeding his evil desires and threatening that noncompliance would mean hell instead of heaven.

Did you realize most children know their abusers?

Many are in a position of spiritual authority?

That just makes me want to throw up. But it cannot be ignored just because it makes us uncomfortable.

The enemy of our souls has some pretty insidious strategies to try to keep us from a relationship with the Father or shipwreck our faith altogether. How better to rob children of a healthy understanding of Father God and those they are supposed to be able to trust than to use those figures to steal their innocence?

We just cannot be naive about this issue. It has grown to epidemic proportions and it isn’t slowing down.

Just as homosexuality has been softened and redefined as “same sex attraction” and promoted as “normal” the world is now trying to do the same with  pedophilia as “minor attraction.”

We must arm ourselves with resources and information and make sure others around us know we are safe.

I’d venture to say this issue should be addressed from the pulpit at least every few months.

Here are a just few resources to help you get started addressing this or if you already are, taking it to the next level:

Tell Somebody it Happened to Me

PEACE of Mind – Sexual Abuse Public Service Announcement




These are just a few resources… if you have others to share, please list them in a comment.

And while you’re at it, please share what your church is doing to be proactive about this issue. It might spark some new ideas!

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