I’m in Huntsville, Alabama, visiting my daughter, Roby and her family, and they’ve got a full schedule planned for my time here. So, we go out to Five Guys for burgers and fries after church (Dante’s choice, and a very good one at that!)…and I’m explaining to Roby and Jeff how my husband, Ross, doesn’t want The Summit to be known for what we are against, but rather what we are for. How he would rather preach on who God is rather than what He will do for you. How he’d rather open the doors of our church to the homeless, to the “least of these,” and SHOW them the love of Jesus rather than TELL them about it, (that’s for all my writer-friends out there…show don’t tell!)

I went on to explain how our church models lifestyle evangelism rather than an altar call at the end of every service and how we’ve ended up baptizing 3 of the guys from the Winter Nights program, even though the Sunday nights we give them shelter we do not preach to them or evangelize them…we don’t make them listen to a sermon in order to fill their empty stomachs.  We simply offer His love by feeding them and providing a warm place to stay for the night.

“So, no ‘time-share Jesus’ then…right?” Roby exclaims, wide eyed.

That cracked me up!

Then I thought back to the time I went for a free weekend offered by Trendwest…a “free gift,” they promoted it as, but in reality, you couldn’t have the gift unless you listened to their sales pitch, which was extremely hard to say “no” to! So there were definite strings attached, which really means it wasn’t free.

Yep. No “time-share Jesus” for us. I think I’d much rather have someone give their heart to Jesus because they’ve seen His love in action and are drawn by His spirit rather than saying the “sinner’s prayer” just to get a free meal.


  • The problem with show-don t-tell is that it arises from film and not literature. This is incredibly limiting to writing literature. Another way of saying show-don t-tell is asking can the camera see it. Why does it matter if the camera can see it or not? Why does it matter if you show, instead of telling? Does it make the story better? Not necessarily.

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