I’ll never forget that little white car speeding down the road and over the speed bump. She didn’t slow down, not even a little bit.

“Oh, Lord…that is SO me! Forgive me for not being sensitive to YOUR speed bumps in my life!”


I believe everyone experiences speed bumps of one sort or another. It could be serious diagnosis that turns your world upside down or the loss of a job leaving you wondering how you will ever pay your bills. It could be a relationship goes bad, or maybe never starts against all your desires, and you are painfully lonely. It could be the death of a loved one, and you were not at all prepared for the grief that never seems to let up.

During the summer of 2013 I spent much of my time pining for the man of my dreams to come and rescue me from my loneliness. I whined and complained to God, tried orchestrating a potential relationship, and even signed up for online dating. Anything I could do to move things along, anything to wipe away the anguish every time I saw a happy couple walking hand in hand.

But God would not allow any of it. My nose was getting pretty bent out of shape with every door that slammed in my face. And having experienced great healing and growth on the heels of a 12 year detour into deception, I was just sure I was ready for my prince charming. Hmmmm. I was sure, but it appeared God was not convinced.

Often I would read “Streams in the Desert” as my daily devotional…and God would quietly whisper in my heart, Be still and know that I Am God…Psalm 46:10. In one of these devotionals dated August 16, this truth resonated in my heart:

Must life be a failure for one compelled to stand still in enforced inaction and see the great throbbing tides of life go by? No; victory is then to be gotten by standing still, by quiet waiting. It is a thousand times harder to do this than it was in the active days to rush on in the columns of stirring life. It requires a grander heroism to stand and wait and not lose heart and not lose hope, to submit to the will of God, to give up work and honors to others, to be quiet, confident and rejoicing, while the happy, busy multitude go on and away. It is the grandest life “having done all, to stand.”—J. R. Miller

At one point, I finally had to write a blog post entitled “Speed Bumps and Benches and Trees, Oh My!” There were just so many ways the Lord was encouraging me to slow down and wait on Him. Oftentimes, the Lord will bring something into our lives to force us to slow down…be still…and turn our hearts fully to Him. As a repenting Type A, it has been a struggle to allow those speed bumps to slow me down, but oh, so rewarding when I do.

When God finally did bring redemption, restoration, and that relationship I so strongly desired, I could look back and see the refinement He worked in the waiting. Oh, the waves of thanksgiving wash over me for the speed bump visual He provided, to remind me that what was happening in my life was intentional…He wanted me to slow down! He was at work in the waiting, even when I didn’t sense it or enjoy it. He wanted me to pause…to wait…to surrender…to learn to trust Him and His ways…to keep my eyes focused on Him rather than on what I longed for.

What kind of speed bumps has the Lord allowed into your life? And how did you respond?

I’d love to hear your story in the comments below!

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