Redeemed & Restored: This One Thing I Seek

Redeemed and Restored Episode 54: This One Thing I Seek - Athena in front of red daisies, looking thrilled to see you

What is the one thing I can fix my eyes on?

King David introduces the 27th Psalm with great commitment to trusting God even in the midst of great danger, evil people who’ve come to devour him, enemies and foes attacking him and the overwhelming reality of a mighty army surrounding him. Rather than giving into fear and terror, he declares “My heart will not be afraid. Even if I am attacked, I will remain confident!” He continues on in this Psalm to illustrate the ONE THING he seeks after…to dwell in the Lord’s presence, to gaze upon Him and to delight in the very sight of Him, and to meditate and reflect on Him with great pleasure. Join me as we unpack this ONE THING King David is giving us insight into so we might walk in His ways and live in His wonder…

Episode Verses

  • Psalm 27

Quotes from the Episode

  • A proper view of God will enable us to see ourselves and the world around us more clearly, resulting in a passion for those who don’t know Him yet.
  • When we pursue Him with our whole hearts and linger in His presence, then our focus is consumed with His majesty and goodness, causing us to reflect upon His will with pleasure.


King David, Psalm 27, How do we seek after the Lord, How to enter God's presence, Confidence in attack.

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