Redeemed & Restored: Repenting and Rebuilding


“We repent and He Rebuilds.”

Today’s episode of Redeemed & Restored is entitled ‘Repenting and Rebuilding. In the busyness and chaos of it all, it’s easy to become oblivious to the state around you. But God will listen to the cries of your heart when you repent and ask Him to help you see what He wants to teach you. In repentance and worship He will lead you to rebuild broken areas.

Topics Discussed

  • How does God rebuild?

  • How to trust God in the uncertainty you are facing?
  • How God wants to prepare you?

Takeaways + Highlights

  • Jesus never fails!
  • Repent and worship!
  • God will accomplish His purpose!


How to rebuild? How to repent? What does God want to teach you?

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