Redeemed & Restored – Red Flags Ignored

Today’s episode of Redeemed and Restored is entitled “Red Flags Ignored”. Perhaps one of the most essential warnings I could offer you. As I ponder this time in my life and so many red flags with multi-level marketing and church leaders that I ignored helping the enemy as he sought to deceive me and take me down a path that went away from where God wanted me to go, all I can do is shake my head. My pattern of avoiding conflict and confrontation, desire to please people and make sure everyone liked me, worked NOT in my favor. Of course, that put me directly in alignment with the enemy of my soul, as much as I believed I was a sold out follower of Jesus. Not only was I easily deceived but I deceived myself into thinking I’d arrived. In reality, I was still a broken mess and was just really good at being productive, so I was able to keep the trauma and pain of my growing up years shoved down so no one would notice. Perhaps you can identify on some level? Have you yet to come to that place of realizing you’ve either been minimizing something that’s wrong, or exaggerating something that’s good, moved into denial about something you don’t want to face, or focusing too much on justifying something that’s all wrong but you don’t want to admit it.

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