Redeemed & Restored: Praising God for the Pandemic


“Praise God no matter what.”

Today‚Äôs episode of Redeemed & Restored is entitled ‘Praising God for the Pandemic. An event so traumatic that it sounds counterintuitive to find something good from it. But bad things have an equal opportunity to reveal good! What if we approached everything in our lives from this perspective? Ask God to reveal His fruit in difficult times. The pandemic allowed God’s refinement, what did the pandemic reveal you you?

Topics Discussed

  • Obey Gods promptings!

  • Fruit that comes out of suffering!
  • Difficult times reveal opportunity!

Athena Dean Holtz Episode Quotes

  • “Shine in the darkness, allow God to refine you.”
  • “Ask God what you can learn from the struggles.”
  • “I was determined to praise God no matter what.”


Being the light! Difficult times. Finding hope. Seize opportunity!Praising God for the Pandemic

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