Redeemed & Restored: Our Battle Is Not Against Flesh & Blood

"How are we supposed to fight spiritually?"

We don’t always have a military mentality, we find many illustrations of battle in God’s Word to teach us how to be soldiers of Christ. Yet our battles are not against flesh and blood and introduces us to a whole new set of weaponry. What does it take to be a strong spiritual soldier, who are we fighting and how are we do it?

Episode Verses

  • 1 Peter 5:6-8
  • Ephesians 6:12

Quotes from the Epiosde

  • “When you have no idea where the enemy is but death and destruction are over you…it messes with your mind.”
  • “There are all sorts of deception, sabotage, and mind games, used to make you feel like all you’re doing is a total waste of time and human life.”
  • What distracts me from humbling myself and casting my anxieties?
  • To devour is to absorb or engross wholly as a mind devoured by fears.


Not against flesh and blood, spiritual warfare, Christian soldiers, fighting principalities

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