Redeemed & Restored: Janet McHenry’s Redemption Story

Redeemed & Restored: Janet McHenry's Redemption Story

Today on Redeemed & Restored, I’m so excited to introduce you to my friend and best selling author, Janet McHenry! Janet’s life has been redeemed and restored by God in a way that will no doubt encourage you to trust Him in a deeper way and recognize His faithfulness. Janet is a national speaker and the author of 24 books, including two bestsellers, PrayerWalk (WaterBrook/RandomHouse) and 50 Life Lessons for Grads (Worthy). A former high school English teacher, she and her rancher husband Craig raised four children in the Sierra Valley.

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Quotes from the Episode

I was angry at those 12 jurors because we had been planted in that community for a long time. We were respected people, you know? He had he himself done volunteer work in the community, he had served as a county supervisor...and so I was just like, "Why, God? Why would you allow this to happen?"

So that was hanging over your head for four years and you would have had to think knowing that you're you're in that he's innocent, that God would come in and save the day...that everything would be okay, right? And it wasn't. You had to be angry with God over that.

Even the chief juror was the son of a woman that I prayer walked with.


Injustice, wrongly prosecuted, Romans 8:28, Streams in the Desert, legal issues

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