Redeemed & Restored – Have You Ever Been Groomed?

On today’s episode we’re talking about being groomed — A subtly dangerous strategy predators use that we ALL should be astutely aware of for our own lives, as well as for those we love. I’d liken it to being brainwashed, little by little, to believe as truth something that is a lie. When sexual predators groom their victims, they are working hard to get them to believe they are safe, that they are loving, that they can be trusted, when in reality, they are the antithesis of those things. A destructive cult uses countless techniques to get its members to stay and commit themselves. As you’ll see in this episode, the sum of these techniques constitutes what some people call “mind control.” It’s also known as “thought reform,” “brainwashing” and “coercive persuasion,” and it involves the systematic breakdown of a person’s sense of self. We can’t win the war if we don’t know who the enemy is, and what his strategies are. So, Episode 11 is extremely important as it exposes yet another subtle strategy that Satan uses to try to steal, kill and destroy. Looking ahead … I’m currently accepting speaking invitations for 2021. We need HOPE more than ever before, and I am excited at every opportunity to share the hope of redemption and restoration through Jesus Christ! The prayer of my heart is that hearts are not just stirred, but are forever changed! For more information go to

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