Redeemed & Restored – Going Back To Church

Today’s episode of Redeemed & Restored is entitled Going Back to Church – Part 1.” This was such a huge step for me after more than a decade of brainwashing that any normal Bible-based Christian church was on the wide road and totally compromising their Christian faith … which meant that this church, one of the most vibrant on the plateau, would not escape God’s judgment. Now that I am actually married to that same pastor, I know full well about how he spends his Sundays … he is not a legalist who judges everyone’s every move to try to make himself feel more spiritual. What a blessing it is when we are planted in a church led by a genuine shepherd, one who feeds and protects his flock and does not use and abuse them. A place of safety where we can grow together and learn to love others as we learn to love God!

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