Redeemed & Restored: Learning, Growing & Restored – Full Circle


Teachable moments lead to growth!


Today‚Äôs episode of Redeemed & Restored is entitled ‘Full Circle. Having honest, difficult conversations can be hard but even worse is to avoid them until it costs you. Avoiding the right thing to do may lead to loss, permanent consequences and even be expensive! Sometimes we must endure the consequences to change and for the better. Ask the Holy Spirit “what do you say” and God will reveal himself to you and teach you His ways and even circle back to past dreams that required a change of heart!

Topics Discussed

  • Lessons learned the hard way  

  • Addressing conflict 
  • Having difficult conversations

Takeaways + Highlights

  • Teachable, tough moments lead to growth!
  • Doing the right thing may hurt but in the end will save you!
  • Facing your weaknesses leads to restoration and redemption.


Lessons learned. Learning the hard way. Do the right thing. Decision making.

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