Redeemed & Restored: Celebrating 8 Years of Redemption Press

Redeemed & Restored: Celebrating 8 Years of Redemption Press!

I’m super excited about today’s episode! We are celebrating 8 YEARS over at Redemption Press, and it has been quite a week of celebration! As I’ve reflected on all that God has done over the last 8 years of ministry in the work of Redemption Press and She Writes for Him, I’m wow’d by the grace and faithfulness of God. I have a signature look in my selfies that shows a jaw dropping smile, which is my way of showing how much God amazes me … every day in every way! I can’t wait to share with you what God has been showing me as I reflect on these 8 years. I’m pretty sure it will encourage and inspire you almost as much as it did me!

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