Redeemed & Restored with Courtnaye Richard

Courtnaye Richard

Redeemed & Restored with Courtnaye Richard

I am super excited to introduced you to Courtnaye Richard. She is on our faculty for our upcoming conference in February called, PROCLAIM! You are going to love her story of redemption & restoration as she shares what God did in her life while she was on bed rest for SIX MONTHS!

Courtnaye is very passionate about helping women grow stronger in their faith, walk out their Christian life according to the Word of God, live out their purpose, while also preparing them to be ready in every way for the swift return of Jesus Christ. She does this through blogging, devotionals (print and YouVersion), videos, audio messages, social media, LIVE monthly video on Facebook every 1st Tuesday of each month entitled, “Let’s Talk,” speaking engagements (i.e., She Speaks, Entrusted Women, Flourish Writers Retreat, etc.), books, and her faith-based public relations, marketing, and mentorship agency, Inside Out Media Group, LLC, where she’s worked with platforms such as PBS, CBN, & TCT Networks, as well as local television and print publications. She would LOVE to connect! Especially on Instagram (her personal favorite!). You can also connect with her on her website


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