Praising God Through Tragedy

On today’s episode, we welcome Janet Johnson:

God used the passing of her son to bring new hope. God used her Romans 8:28 story to help and bless others release their pain. In the midst of her suffering, in the midst of her brokenness God revealed a new ministry to her, to bring healing to friends, family, and those faced with grief. Her pain, her tragedy was transformative! God gives the words and strength in the middle of the most difficult circumstances to reveal Himself.

Key Ideas:

  • Dealing with a shattered heart.
  • Needing a place to talk.
  • What does it mean to pursue God?

Janet Johnson Quotes

“We have to make places for the pain to come out. “

All Things Podcast, Praising God through tragedy.

“He wants you to live life to the fullest, allow God to give you His joy!”

All Things Podcast, Praising God through tragedy.

Athena Dean Holtz Quotes

“If you are not sure how to process the pain, don’t try to hide it, be around other people who are real and trust God!”

All Things Podcast, Praising God through tragedy.

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Dealing with loss. What are triggers? How to heal? The importance of healing. How to deal with grief.

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