I think back to my first June out of captivity, when He so lovingly provided a furnished house for me to live in. My own place for the first time in 12 years after having lost everything to the cult…marriage, family, business, house, car, credit score …  everything.  He sovereignly blessed me with a refuge just a few blocks away from The Summit EFC, the church where he began to restore me to the body of Christ. This little yellow cottage had French doors in my bedroom opening onto the lush backyard where asmall pond gurgled with a waterfall of cool, clear water. This would become a home where I could continue to experience His faithfulness and nurturing love. The provision of this temporary place for me to live was like a kiss on the cheek from the Lover of my soul, and I, once again, was smitten by my Savior.

In June 2013, it seemed as though God gave me my voice back. After years of being shamed, shunned and silenced, the Lord invited me into the ministry of broadcast radio and led me in developing Always Faithful Radio, where every week I interviewed different authors and women of God who shared their stories of His faithfulness. My debut show in June included a very special friend to me today, and at that time, morning drive time host on KSLR in San Antonio, Joy Ware Miller. The beginning of Always Faithful in June of 2013 launched a new season of declaring all God had done for me … delivering me from deception and continuing to restore all that the enemy had stolen.

Then June of 2014. How could I have ever guessed that God would give me a fairy-tale like whirlwind love story culminating in a June wedding and celebration of God’s faithfulness to bring us together? Another lavish show of affection from the One who saved my soul, He orchestrated a relationship that only He could … where all the adult children were in one accord, where his late wife of 49 years had already given her blessing by suggesting to him shortly before she passed that he should marry me. A union that would make me the wife of founding pastor of The Summit Evangelical Free Church, Ross Holtz — A man of character, conviction, commitment, and chivalry —A man who adores me, and whom I adore in return.

And then there was this last week. June 2015. My first time back on faculty at Write to Publish since 2010 was such a joy. So many friends and industry peers, many of whom knew me before I ever stepped foot on that detour into deception. I can’t count the number of friends who encouraged me by sharing how incredibly happy I look, what a good man I have in Ross, and how great it was to have me back on faculty. And then to have Joy Ware Miller here, in the place we both initially met 8 years ago, I from Washington and she from Ohio. Who could have guessed that 6 years later we would both end up in San Antonio on the same Christian radio station, and now at different conferences together where we are able to continue to encourage one another in the Lord. Such a full circle for me this June was, in ways I never imagined. But it was healing, restorative, and filled with the faithfulness of God.

Yep. Over the moon faithfulness of God.

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