I can’t get over how creatively God can use our mess ups, our disasters, and our failures and turn them into something that brings glory to His Name.

I’m not sure how we bought the wrong stuff, but somehow we ended up with a bottle of mineral spirits for the galley stove that did not burn clean. Every pot or pan or teapot I used on the stove that weekend turned sooty black.

We were out on the water and didn’t have another option to heat up water for coffee. Well, I guess I can’t really say that…I suppose I could have used the barbeque, but that would have been way too much hassle!

So opting for convenience, I lit up the burner on the stove, heated my water, drank my cherished cup of coffee and ended up with a once-pristine white teapot that was now tarnished and grey.

When I tried to clean up my mess the black soot got everywhere. It ruined the sponge, the washrag, and everything it touched. No matter what I used to clean it off, it just smeared more gray on everything.


I finally surrendered and just accepted the fact that I’d have to buy a new teapot and go on with my life. 😉

That evening we burned off what was left of the faulty mineral spirits by putting the container on the barbeque grill and letting it burn up all the liquid that remained.

As Ross and I sat under the stars in the quiet, the flame burned high and bright and provided a romantic ambiance against the deep blue skies.

Such a visual reminder of how God can take our wounds, our messes, our brokenness and shine bright through our cracks to bring glory to Himself. How he is able to take the devastation of our lives and use it for good.

Now that’s a faithful God.

How has He taken the mess of your life and turned it into something beautiful?

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