Off Script with Janell Neumann & Hannah Flamm

On today’s episode, Janell Neumann and Hannah Flamm:

In today’s episode, we’re live from a Women’s Retreat in Prescott, Arizona where we welcome Hannah Flamm and Janell Neumann. What happens when God asks us to deviate from our own script? From same-sex attraction to the rewrite of our parental dreams…these amazing Romans 8:28 stories are sure to impact and encourage you to let God write your story, even when you think it’s already been written.

Key Ideas:

  • How does God minister to same sex attraction?
  • What does God do when we turn our back on Him?
  • Can you trust the Lord after miscarriage?

Janell Neumann Quotes:

“I do not want God to waste my tears. He must be doing something beautiful here.”

“God is still writing that story. He took something so heartbreaking and made it more beautiful than we could ever imagine.”

Off Script with Janell Neumann and Hannah Flamm

Hannah Flamm Quotes:

“I lived in conflict for a little while, knowing truth and knowing—could my sexual identity be something that is not designed by God?”

“I knew I had to side with God against myself in that moment.”

Off Script with Janell Neumann and Hannah Flamm

Athena Dean Holtz:

“Hard conversations are worth having.”

Off Script with Janell Neumann and Hannah Flamm

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