A Terrible Mistake in Judgement

In the months that followed it became clear to me that I had made a terrible mistake in judgement. Because of our credibility, many other Christians had followed us and committed to representing a company that not only had unethical leadership, but products that were not entirely safe.

I was not yet at the point of realizing my own disobedience with even being involved. In my heart I knew that I had condoned questionable actions and ignored red flags to protect my own empire. I saw that we had no future with this company and started looking for another company to represent. Uppermost in my thoughts was having another option to offer my downline and protecting their investment of time and money. Even though we were a group of Christians who professed to believe in prayer, we were still trying to handle the situation ourselves.

As I began to vocalize my disappointment with the company and their lack of integrity, dissension began to rise up in the ranks. There were those who were still loyal to the company and a few who blamed me … there were others who could see the writing on the wall and the double talk that the company was dishing out.

Putting a Band Aid on a Bullet Hole

We rushed into another business to try to keep the ball rolling. A friend of ours who was in full time ministry sent Chuck and I information on a large Canadian company that had recently launched its product line in the United States using multi-level marketing as their distribution method. This company dealt in a high-tech communications products with a high price tag.

An excellent product, their sound financial management, and the company’s integrity was attractive after our past experience. The video presentations sold us and we quickly got the rest of the team together to take a look at the new opportunity. I didn’t really pray about the new company. It just sounded like a good alternative and the potential for making money seemed good.

I spent the next 6 months consumed by trying to build the same glorious reputation and track record with the new company, filling up that need in my own heart for recognition and importance. It was like putting a band aid on a bullet hole. Not only was the method the problem but so were my motives.

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