Back in Disobedience

At church about one month later, a woman “felt led” to give me a bottle of herbs to help me lose weight without diet or exercise. She let me know that if I liked them and wanted to sell the product she’d help me. Since I was in the ministry, she offered to pay for me to sign up as a distributor.

The product was made up of four herbs, one of which is like a natural form of the drug “speed.” I tried the herbs and my mind began racing and my body bursting with energy. The idea of just sitting at the feet of Jesus lost its appeal. Even though there were medical sources that warned against taking one of the herbs in the formula, it caused such an enthralling feeling that I didn’t want to believe it could be dangerous. Of course, there were reassurances from the naturopathic doctor who developed the concoction, and leaders in the multi-level organization that was marketing this product. I chose to listen to those sources who didn’t give warnings.

I was sold!

I felt so good that I didn’t bother consulting the Lord. I didn’t pray about it. I didn’t ask God if I should get involved. It just seemed right, so I went for it. After five years in the ministry with limited funds and denying myself luxuries, I was ready to make some money. My direction from the Lord to be still and learn to listen to His voice became a distant memory as the wheels begin to turn again.

Doing the Wrong Thing for the Right Reason

I started losing weight so fast that it seemed too good to be true. Little did I know that using one of the herbs over a long period of time could devastate my adrenal glands and endocrine system.

Quiet times with the Lord were far from my mind as ideas flowed for selling the herbs and all the money I could make. It had been years since I’ve thought about being money motivated. But after five years in full time ministry and living hand to mouth, the idea of having money again was enticing. My money making days seemed a lifetime away, but I quickly reverted back to that old mentality. I can help fund Point Man and other ministries, I thought. I knew what it was like to be on the receiving end, maybe now I could be the one to plant into those who give their lives for the gospel…

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