God has started me on a new journey of late. I’m sure it is a result of some of my snafus in 2016 that came about because I didn’t follow through on a warning, think through what might happen if I do a certain thing, or neglect another… many scriptures from Proverbs showed me to be a fool in some instances in that I’ve spoken rashly or not planned ahead.

In case you don’t know me well, I have always been a pretty impulsive person, which God has refined and used for His purposes, but outside of His will and without self control and discernment, that character trait has really gotten me into trouble at times.

I recently began getting some coaching as a small business owner with Dave Ramsey’s organization and the focus is working ON the business rather than IN it. That meant zooming out and reviewing all aspects with an intentionality to implement appropriate strategies to solidify and grow the business. That type of management has always been a weak point for me, as I am more often controlled by my inbox, the demands in front of my face, and the tyranny of the urgent that screams for attention. Operating that way may placate demanding individuals and put out necessary fires, but it doesn’t help me think and plan strategically.

I began to see how true this is for my life as well. With all the hats I wear, Pastor’s Wife, Nuna, Mom, Women’s Ministry Leader, Publisher, Radio Host, President for a Non-profit, Writer, Speaker, and Intermittent Blogger…it seems like I spend my life reacting to what HAS to be done right now, what is the most urgent thing that I must get done, and my life seems to be dictated by all the different “to do” lists I carry around in my head for each plate that is spinning in my life. I am also keenly aware that because of the amount of work I must accomplish in so many areas I inevitably disappoint some people and do not meet the expectations of others.

I’ve come to the realization that the best I can do to live my life for Him is to take each day and live it purposefully rather than reactively. In fact, that’s my word for 2017 – PURPOSEFUL. I was made on purpose, for a purpose, and each day I need to consider the purpose of each task. My top 3 tasks for the day need to be life giving and authentic, intentional and purposeful. As I spent some time before the Lord and asked Him to show me how to be more purposeful, He seemed to be instructing me to add an element of my quiet time in the morning where I would think about and plan my day. I love how He gave me an alliteration so it would be easy for me to remember! Ponder, Pray, Plan, Put into Practice, and be Present!

  • Ponder
    What are my most important tasks to accomplish today?
    How is God leading me today?
  • Pray
    Pray for His discernment and wisdom.
    Pray against the strategies of the evil one to hinder and oppose God’s will for my day.
  • Plan
    Write down my day’s list of the most important things to do limiting the “must-do’s” to 3 tasks.
    Keep it top of mind and in front of my face until each is done.
  • Put into Practice
    Do each task I’ve prayerfully listed for the day.
  • Be Present
    And then be fully present in each task, not thinking about my next task or some other issue or fire that I need to deal with, not one eye on my iPhone or Facebook and the other on the person in front of me. Fully engaged, completely there, and 100% present.

I am excited to see where God takes me on this journey. It’s a real refining for me to be more purposeful, thoughtful, and intentional as it’s just not my character. I am a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-panster and that doesn’t always turn out the way I hope. I am trusting this year to be a year of growth and continued sanctification as I submit to His ways and allow Him to continue to mold me into the image of Christ.

Happy 2017 to all of you. And may you exemplify His purposes in your life in this new year!


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