Living with Spark featuring Misty Phillip!

On today’s episode, Misty Phillip:

Author podcaster speaker and entrepreneur, Misty is passionate about encouraging people to spark their soul messages. She left her full time corporate job to dedicate herself fully to serving the Lord with her voice. Although life hasn’t always been easy, God has always seen her through! Misty Phillip is a firm believer that everything is for Him, and by Him and through Him. Listen to today’s message to see how God can use all things for good!

Key Ideas:

  • God has a purpose and a plan for your life
  • You can minister to someone else
  • God uses your suffering

Misty Phillip Quotes:

” I think the most important this is for us to be in the word because if we don’t have it within us we cannot apply it to our life.”

Living with Spark featuring Misty Phillip!

“In the crazy season God became my friend, he was the thing that got me through.”

Living with Spark featuring Misty Phillip!

Her Works:


Women’s ministry. Live with a spark. Encourage others. Live your passion. Walk by faith.

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