Christian writer’s conferences are one of my favorite time consumers. Even though most of my energy is spent teaching or meeting with authors to discuss potential publishing projects or the marketing of an existing book, I always attend the key note sessions and seem to find a sliver of time to sit in a class or two.

Our keynote speaker at the Florida Christian Writer’s Conference was Robert Benson. His words were rich and deep and evoked emotions that surprised me. Ross and I both wept through one of his sessions where he shared the pain in his life. That was the day he quoted Frederick Buechner,

“To be a writer is to be a good steward of one’s pain.”

During those times where I’m being encouraged or challenged, I find myself conflicted. I have so much to write, but so little time to commit to it. Lately I’ve been asking God what I need to let go of, as the plates I am spinning grows and looms over me, demanding attention.

At the beginning of the year, I started my journey of letting go by ending my once a month trek to the radio station up in North Seattle. This commitment of staying after my show to have a late lunch with my in studio guest and anyone in the audience who wanted to join us ended up eating up most of my day. An entire day I just didn’t have to give.

Now I’m challenged to consider cutting back my blogging. Another commitment that requires lots of prep time and thought. With so many speaking engagements and travel to conferences coming up, I’m holding my hands up to heaven and surrendering … I give it back to You, God.

That leaves me with a calling to equip Jesus followers to find their voice and connect with their audience through the written word, published and promoted, as the Lord leads, through Redemption Press. Then there’s my weekly radio show, Always Faithful, where we never grow weary of affirming the faithfulness of God. Oh yes, then there’s being a pastor’s wife and co-leading women’s ministries for a busy community of believers in our small town of Enumclaw. And then there’s our combined family of 8 adult children and 17 grandchildren. Oh yeah…then there’s the privilege of spending time with my husband, nurturing this gift I’ve been given and loving him well.

We’ve only got a few more days in Florida, walking the white sand beaches, laying out under an ink blue sky with a warm breeze and gratitude overflowing for this time to rest. As I tune my heart to God and seek to understand His will for so many things, I learn anew to let go, to hold lightly the assignments He has given so I can be sensitive and obedient when He begins to prune me or send me in a different direction.

Have Your way, Lord. Amen.

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