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Important Soul Talk … How are you speaking to yourself?

Reading through Psalms 42 and 43 caused me to wrap up my quiet time with a thought and a question.

I love the way David spoke to his soul. So I wondered, what did David tell his soul to do, and perhaps others? I also asked myself, what am I speaking to my own soul? I think mostly I speak to my soul in my head instead of out loud, and it’s not nearly as direct and God honoring as I find David to be in these scriptures. In fact, it just happened again a few days ago in the store.

I’ve mentioned before how often I assume the worst when something seems to go awry or someone doesn’t respond as expected. Fallout from my 13 years of spiritual abuse. I recognize it but all too often I agree with the thought that interrupts my day and can even begin to emotionally spiral from it. That’s why this verse where David is asking his soul why it’s so uneasy resonated with me.

Here are the scriptures I dug up by searching “O my soul” and we would do well to speak to our souls with these very words..

O my soul…Bless the Lord – bless His Holy Name (Ps. 103:1)

O my soul…Bless the Lord – do not forget all His kind deeds (Ps. 103:2)

O my soul…Bless the Lord – all His works in all places of His dominion (Ps.103:22)

O my soul…Return to your rest – for the Lord has been good to you (Ps. 46:7)

O my soul…March on in strength! (Judges 5:21)

O my soul…Why are you downcast? Why the unease within me? (Ps. 42:5, 11, 43:5)

So, what is the antidote for our souls feeling downcast or uneasy? The very next sentence that David commands his soul to do…

Put your hope in God for I will yet praise Him! (Ps. 42:5, 11, 43:5)

So here’s what I’m going to do. The next time those thoughts come into my head, assuming the worst about a situation, I’m going to say aloud…

I choose to Bless You Lord, I Bless Your Holy Name

I choose to Bless You Lord, and remember all Your kind deeds

I choose to Bless You Lord, all Your works in all places of Your dominion

I remind my soul to return to a place of rest, for You, Lord, have been good to me!

O my soul, march on in strength, no matter what the battle looks like…

Why are you downcast, O my soul, why the unease within me?

Put your hope in God for I will yet praise Him!

What about you? Do you tell your soul what to do? Am I crazy in this, or what? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for spending some time with me today!


Athena Dean Holtz
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I start each day by tithing the first hour to the Lord in prayer, reading the word, doing word studies of the Text, and asking God how I can live out what I am reading. This time is usually met with meditation on devotionals that are usually written by dead guys like Oswald Chambers, CS Lewis, Charles Spurgeon, AW Tozer, and Andrew Murray.

Right now, I’m reading a daily devotional with a friend called Tozer on the Almighty God for my focus for the day. It's fun to see individually what pulls us in to spur one another on to good deeds!

The Bible is filled with action steps to walk out in practical and intentional ways. This sets my day in motion to walk it out! I hope this is your heart, too.

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