How to Remain Faithful While Waiting on God with Konnie Viner

Listen to today’s episode as author Konnie Viner talks about how to trust God in the hard times and how to remain faithful in prayer while waiting on God.

Konnie Viner writes to encourage women with the assurance of God’s love and faithfulness. She is also the author of Amaryllis Journey, a Golden Scroll fiction book of the year award winner, and Rested Soul Resilient Heart, an eight-week guide to healing which focuses on Psalms, prayer, and journaling to confront the fallout of toxic relationships.

Key Ideas:

  • How to get rid of Anger towards God for taking loved ones
  • The power of honest expression
  • Questioning God’s faithfulness in the waiting of the big things

Quotes from Konnie Viner

“God doesn’t always do things the way we think He should and we might not understand when it happens, but what He does is always right.”

Konnie Viner

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