Honor Veterans in a Tangible Way with Kathy Gallowitz

Kathy served nearly 30 years in the Air Force as a nurse and public affairs officer. Her practice and perspectives are framed by masters degrees in Nursing and Political Science. 

As a consultant and trainer, through her business Vanguard Veteran, she equips civilian employers to become Veteran Champions, helping them acquire and retain Veteran talent. 

Kathy is the author of: “Beyond Thank You For Your Service, The Veteran Champion Handbook for civilians.” She is a member of Governor of Arizona’s Veterans’ Service Advisory Commission and the Southwest Veteran Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

It is her life’s calling to lead the Veteran Champion movement.

Key Ideas:

  • How to build and heal relationships with service members
  • There’s more ways to support veterans that we as a society can help veterans their families
  • Practical tips for what you can do to build trusting relationships to bring veterans home

Kathy Gallowitz Quotes

We as civilians who benefit so much from the sacrifice of service members, veterans and their families, can give back in meaningful ways beyond “thank you for your service.”

Connect with Kathy Gallowitz:

Website: https://vanguardveteran.com/

Social media links: 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kathy.lowrey.50


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