Planning this trip to Dallas, via San Antonio, I had absolutely no idea the impact it would have on me. I was just excited to be able to see friends I hadn’t seen since I left in January of 2014 to return to Washington on a whole new adventure of restoration and redemption.

Walking into Deb’s house on Tuesday was nothing short of surreal. First of all, that very day, she had accepted an offer on the house and would be vacating it over the next few months, so this, I realized, would literally be the last trip I would enjoy its surroundings and be reminded of all God did under this roof.


As I looked around the room profound memories flashed before my eyes. The last time I was here I was recuperating from gallbladder surgery, exactly 20 months ago… to the day. It was in this house that I received the call to return to Washington and help all the authors who’d been displaced by the closing of WinePress. It was on this couch that Redemption Press was birthed and shaped and formed.

sun room

I remembered the many times Deb and I would sit in her sun room and share our lives with one another. Our pain, our joys, our struggles. At that time I could not have conceived what God would be doing for me in the days to come. I ponder those times of wondering what my life would look like in light of all God has done, and it leaves me breathless.

Full to overflowing with gratefulness, I was able to spend last night in choir practice at Community Bible Church. My involvement in the CBC choir was my lifeline for the time I was in Texas and it held some poignant reminders for me. Worshipping with hundreds of other brothers and sisters always brought me back to a place of hope, no matter how discouraged I happened to be feeling. So many memories flooded my heart as I stood in that choir room. So many emotions … remembering the times of uncertainty, of pain, of regret, of fear … and the way God used the act of worship to wash all of it away, even if for a moment.choir

How fitting that we began the choir practice singing “Awesome” … one of my favorites from my time there, and one whose lyrics I declared about the God who had already delivered me from deception, and proclaimed in faith about the God who would provide everything I needed in my life.

My God is awesome, He can move a mountains
Keep me in the valley, hide me from the rain

My God is awesome, heals me when I’m broken
Strength where I’ve been weakened, forever He will reign.

Oh my, how He has done that!

In abundance.

And I stand amazed.





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