I think back to last year when I watched posts on Facbook from the annual grandson boating trip. The one that evoked more envy in my heart than any was the video of the porpoise racing with the boat and literally showing off by turning on her back, dipping under the bow, and jumping out of the water. The squeals of delight by all who watched her punctuated the excitement of the moment.

As we spent the last year fixing problem after problem, wondering if the boat would ever be usable again, there were definitely times of despair when we seriously considered getting rid of this money pit. With a 30 year old sailboat, it’s really more like “camping on the water” so there’s always a temptation to lust after newer, nicer boats as we navigate the waterways and feast our eyes on the newest and prettiest vessels.

But this old boat still dons the original name embroidered into every curtain down below.

This boat is a reminder of God’s gift to us, and it continues to offer opportunity after opportunity to rejoice in His goodness. He certainly does know how to give good gifts to His children!

Before we could even start the week of making memories, the most amazing gift of all, the one that made it all possible, came together in a way only God could orchestrate.

About three weeks ago we had our long awaited time with my grandkids from California. During that time the engine finally died once and for all but God had a wonderfully different plan for us to make memories together with a dinghy and a beach.

After the family all headed out and Ross and I had some time to talk about what to do about the engine, we found there were a few different options in order to get the boat to a place where we could continue to use it.

  1. Have the engine rebuilt for about $5,000 (which we didn’t have) and that would take about 4 months to have completed.
  2. Buy a new engine for about $10,000 (which we still didn’t have) and that would take about 3 months to have completed.

Both of these options would have put the kibosh on all our summer plans for the boat, so we started considering a third option. What about putting an outboard motor on the back? Ross’s firstborn, Bret, began doing some research for us and found that we could pick up a used 25 hp outboard for about $2500. Still more than we could put together. We were close to resigning ourselves that we’d pretty much have to save up for the rest of the summer even to do that.

About this time I looked at Ross,

“Aren’t you tired of used stuff that always breaks down? Can we please consider new?”

Not sure why I even said that, because we sure didn’t have the money to buy new.

As we sat in the cockpit, on a sunny, warm day in the marina, by faith, we started Googling on my phone to find the cost of a new 25 hp outboard motor. It looked like about $4500 with all the controls and motor mount, which seemed completely out of reach, but it still seemed like the best option to help relieve the stress my husband bears as he frets that something else on this old boat will break down.

About that time his phone rang. Elizabeth. His baby girl. As I listened to one side of the conversation, I could tell she was asking questions about the boat, and offering to pay for whatever we needed to have it ready by the 4th of July weekend.

A brand new engine.


So it culminated on the 3rd of July, as a group of men from The Summit came down to the marina and ended up spending all day long to get the motor mounted on the back of the sailboat. That’s a whole other story in itself, but at the end of the day, we were rejoicing that the new engine was mounted and operational. Now the long awaited family festivities with Elizabeth in town were about to begin.

We headed out for a relaxing evening cruise around Commencement Bay, but the evening ended up being far from relaxing!

Join me next Tuesday as I continue on with the next installment of this adventure of God’s continued faithfulness.

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