God-Given Moments: Conference Recap

On today’s episode, recapping the beauty behind The Braveheart 2021 Conference

Kennita Williams, Christina Custodio, Carol Tetzlaff, Shelly Brown, Dori Harrell and Micah Juntunen share their takeaways from some of their favorite moments from the conference where 300 women came, saw and conquered!

Key Ideas

  • The beauty of making connections
  • The importance of being brave
  • Sharing real life experiences


I am grateful and humbled to be a part of this great and amazing conference because I was behind the scenes too so I know it was genuine and authentic that love of God in a real way.”

The Braveheart 2021 God-Given Moments: Conference Recap, Kennita Williams,

“It was amazing to see women connect and share, 300 hundred woman across the nation!”

The Braveheart 2021, God-Given Moments: Conference Recap, Micah Juntunen.



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