Freedom in the Habit with Missy Eversole

Do you feel obligated to spend time with God, or do you look forward to it? Missy Eversole joins us on All Things this week to dive deeper into the difference between seeing time with God as a discipline versus a habit.

Key Ideas:

  • Setting aside time for God is key.
  • Leaving room for grace in our plans for spiritual time.
  • Breaking generational curses with the Lord.
  • How to break free from shallow Christianity.
  • Beating social media addiction.
  • Effects of mixed religion family (Catholic/Mennonite).

Missy Eversole Quotes

He took me from a path that could have led down to destruction to taking me out and introducing me to my husband, who then introduced me to Christ.

Spiritual habits, you want to engage with the Lord, you want to pray, want to read your Bible, you want to meditate, you want to fast. You want solitude with Him.

Reading the Bible is so important, even if it’s just a verse. If you have 15 minutes, even if you just open your Bible and take in 2-3 verses, that’s the beginning of spiritual habit.


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