Redeemed & Restored: For Such a Time As This


“No matter what is happening, share His truth.”

Today‚Äôs episode of Redeemed & Restored is entitled ‘For Such a Time As This. As the pandemic hit and everything shut down everything halted. No matter what happens around us know that God gives opportunities to speak hope, to bring encouragement and to trust Him! Be obedient to His call there maybe someone out there living in fear or being fed lies, they need His truth and who better to take it to them than you! 

Topics Discussed

  • How to bring hope?

  • God given opportunities?
  • The importance of spreading truth?

Takeaways + Highlights

  • God honors obedience!
  • Commitment to sharing God’s word!
  • You have a vital role!


How to be obedient? How to share hope? Sharing Gods truth?

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