Carole Leathem

Finding Joy in Our Messy Life with Carole Leathem

Carole Leathem

Finding Joy in Our Messy Life with Carole Leathem

Today on Redeemed & Restored I’m excited to introduce you to Carole Leathem, author, speaker and former pastors wife of 30 years. Carole shares how God redeemed & restored the sudden end to her ministry as a pastors wife. For the last five years she found herself on the other side of the pew and God is using her story in amazing ways. Her book “Finding Joy in my Messy Life” is a book you will want to read if nothing else so you can be in encouragement to others who are struggling with similar trials.

You can connect with Carole, and purchase Finding Joy in my Messy Life on her website.

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