Facing a Health Crisis with Patricia Butler

After an accident left Pat Butler with severe spinal injuries, she launched into a twelve-year journey for healing. Along the way, Pat slid into depression, anger, grief, and financial distress. In constant pain, she badgered God for healing. “If Jesus healed others, why not me?”  

The question followed Pat to France, where she worked as a missionary and encountered the demonic. Little did she know God was setting the stage to respond. When she stumbled into a healing conference with more questions, God met her with an unexpected spiritual diagnosis.

Pat Butler, author, poet, and pioneer in missional arts, envisions a world in which every Christ follower finds and flourishes in the abundant life Jesus promised. In partnership with Inspiro Arts Alliance and Greater Europe Mission, Pat cultivates a global network of artists through writing, mentoring, and spiritual direction. From European cloisters to the rain forest, Pat has traveled to twenty-five countries and lived in two. She currently resides in south Florida, where she walks with cranes, dodges hurricanes, and enjoys her own pillow. 

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Facebook: facebook.com/patricia.butler.756/ 

Instagram: @mythic_monastery 

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