Delight in the Lord with Jennifer Fedler

On today’s episode, Jennifer Fedler:

Jennifer Fedler is the newest addition to the Redemption Press family after spending 20 years as a project manager in the Christian film industry. Jennifer wrestled with anxiety while awaiting their new home, but the Holy Spirit stepped in with a clear message to reprioritize her life.

Key Ideas:

  • What happens when I surrender to God?
  • What does it mean to delight yourself in the Lord?
  • Does God really give us the desires of our heart?

Jennifer Fedler Quotes:

“When we were quarantining with the rest of the country, it really gave us time to step back and reevaluate life and our priorities and even dream a little bit.”

“You know when the Holy Spirit is trying to teach you something, you start to hear it everywhere over and over.”

“I missed that first step—delight yourself in the Lord!”

Delight in the Lord with Jennifer Fedler

Athena Dean Holtz Quotes:

“Seems like He will wait until, like, He’ll bring us those messages and wait until we surrender. He can do so much more with us when we surrender!”

Delight in the Lord with Jennifer Fedler

Where to Find Them!

Athena Dean Holtz


Delight in the Lord, Answered prayers, Psalm 37, desires of your heart, priorities.

Listen to the Episode:

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