Deception and the Demons Among Us with Jill Willis

Do you ever wonder if demons listen to us, watch us and interfere with our lives? Jill Willis joins us on All Things this week to talk about the Biblical truth of the demons among us.

Key Ideas:

  • Christian adults need to help our Christian teens.
  • Teens don’t need to be scared to ask questions.
  • Learn how to choose joy. Habakkuk 3:17-18.
  • Know how to arm yourself against the enemy.
  • Learn how to support the teens in your life in today’s society.
  • Angels and Demons, scriptures for parents.

Jill Willis Quotes

I think Satan looks at teens like low hanging fruit because they haven’t had the experience to combat deception, Satan and his demon’s.

God will always bring you out of the dark, we must trust Him.

Compare what’s in front of us, to what’s in the Bible.


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