Recycled by God

August 13, 2015By Athena Dean HoltzAthena Dean Holtz, Real Talk No Comments

It was a sunny day, not enough wind to sail, so motoring Commencement Bay was the order of the day. There were many familiar sights as we tooled around, but one I hadn’t noticed before suddenly came into view. We came around a bend and there was a mammoth blue barge, rusty and worn, piled … Read More

Looking Back – His Great Name

May 19, 2015By AthenaAthena Dean Holtz 1 Comment

I WAS REVIEWING SOME OF THE POSTS FROM MY HEALING JOURNEY AND CAME ACROSS THIS ONE. WOW. Almost 3 years ago and I was recounting how much I loved sitting through the worship services at The Summit. And now, all this time has passed and I am the Pastor’s wife. I read this post and … Read More