Looking Forward

December 31, 2016By AthenaAthena Dean Holtz 8 Comments

God has started me on a new journey of late. I’m sure it is a result of some of my snafus in 2016 that came about because I didn’t follow through on a warning, think through what might happen if I do a certain thing, or neglect another… many scriptures from Proverbs showed me to … Read More

When You’re Hurting in the Holidays

November 23, 2016By AthenaAthena Dean Holtz, Real Talk 2 Comments

Have you ever felt like just skipping over the holiday season altogether? Does your heart ache while those around you are rejoicing during Thanksgiving and Christmas? Do you find yourself anxious, depressed, or experiencing pure dread when you consider this time of year? Can I just say that you are not alone? The holidays are … Read More

Sabbath Turns to Surrender

August 1, 2016By AthenaAthena Dean Holtz, Real Talk 9 Comments

My Sabbath has become a cherished moment in our busy week. At this point in my life, with so many different responsibilities, I pretty much only have Sunday afternoons and Mondays off. Tuesday through Friday is dedicated to Redemption Press, Saturdays are dedicated to women’s ministry tasks, presidential duties for the Northwest Christian Writers’ Association … Read More

Learning to Let Go

March 1, 2016By AthenaAthena Dean Holtz, Real Talk 1 Comment

Christian writer’s conferences are one of my favorite time consumers. Even though most of my energy is spent teaching or meeting with authors to discuss potential publishing projects or the marketing of an existing book, I always attend the key note sessions and seem to find a sliver of time to sit in a class … Read More