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Answered Prayer & Divine Appointments

I prayed for divine appointments before heading out to Write to Publish. I asked God to bring only those to us who He is calling to work with Redemption Press. After meeting with the many authors attending, this one group of women committed to the work of indigenous missionaries, just lit up my heart.

And did He answer that prayer? Yes, O yes, He did. And I am beside myself with gratitude that the Lord has allowed us to partner with the Bob Finley Legacy Project in publishing one of the most incredible missionary stories I’ve ever heard. Honored and humbled that God said “yes” to this partnership.

PREM is a story that reads as though it were lifted from the book of Acts.

Prem Pradhan was a Hindu. And he was a soldier. A Gurkha in the British Royal Air Force, then commander of a tank regiment in the Indian Army.

But God had other plans for his life.

After being reconciled to God through faith in Jesus Christ, Prem knew he was called to reach a part of the world diametrically opposed to changing one’s religion: his own country of Nepal, where it was a crime to be baptized, punishable with a year in prison.

But not denying his Lord mattered more. So, he ended up in jail. Sentenced to six years. In prison, he encountered demons, healed other prisoners, and preached the love of God. And that’s just the start of Prem’s story.

In 1950, Nepal had few known Christians. Today? Over 1 million. Prem is an important part of the reason.

PREM is a book of intimate one-on-one interviews with Prem Pradhan, reflections from those who came to the Lord through him, and a testament to a true Christian apostle.

PREM is an unforgettable, once-in-a-generation, true story.

Read, and be changed!

The author of this incredible biography is Robert V. Finley.

Shortly before leaving India in 1948, Finley turned toward the Himalayas and asked the Lord to let him see the gospel take root in the Hindu Kingdom of Nepal in his lifetime.

Surprisingly, in 1967 Finley would meet Prem Pradhan at a Christian conference in DC. It was through knowing men like Prem that Finley shifted from being an international evangelist to becoming an early proponent of indigenous missionaries.

So, what am I most smitten with? The fact that this indigenous missionary asked a handful of questions before he would baptize new believers:

1. Do you really believe in Jesus Christ?

2. Can you follow Jesus if your father and mother forsake you?

3. Are you willing to lose your friends?

4. Do you realize that you will lose your job?

5. Do you understand that you will lose your inheritance?

6. Are you ready to go to prison if the police arrest you

And those believers went out and evangelized the nation of Nepal.

WOW. Convicting, huh?

For those of us in the church in America that perspective seems sharply in contrast to our longing for what my pastor hubby calls the enemy of our souls … casual, convenient, and comfortable Christianity.


I’m sitting here reflecting on the honor God has given us to publish and promote a book with this level of impact. As I do so, I realize it’s not only going to touch others, but it’s going to change ME.

Has that ever happened to you … you thought you were doing something to help a ministry and God used it to change you? I’d love to hear about it!

Thanks for hanging out with me today!


Athena Dean Holtz
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