I’ve never been much of a vacationer. I guess because I’ve always owned my own business, so never felt much liberty to take time off, and things were always too busy and unpredictable to plan ahead for some time away.

The majority of the travelling I’ve done, cruises taken and the like, were for the most part business related, so I never really disengaged my brain and stopped thinking about my many to-do lists.

Then again, since work was always my medication of choice, I unconsciously preferred staying  busy, so the idea of unwinding, relaxing, and not having my mind engaged and solving problems wasn’t really very appealing.

I had no idea what I’ve been missing … being able to unplug, enjoy nature, and have no pressing schedule or agenda, draws me to a place where all I can do is feel the warmth of His embrace, and allow tears of gratefulness to flow. It’s a healing, nurturing time … it is such refreshing rest.

It really is the epitome of that scripture He lavished on me during my time of healing:

Be still, and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

During that time, I found benches, trees, and speed bumps beckoning me to be still, focus on Him, be patient, trust Him, and slow down!

Now, as a busy blogger, speaker, radio show host, publisher and pastor’s wife, I am finding those “be still” moments in taking time away with my husband, on the sailboat, in the motor-home, or just being quiet on the swing on our front porch.


What refreshes you and nourishes your soul?


How do you find Him in all the busyness of life?


Do you struggle with boredom if there’s not a crisis to conquer?

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